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A HUGE thank-you to everyone for the support and encouragement as Tressa Jayne Turner (and yours truly!) got back in the saddle and sunk spur on new Calamity Jayne Mysteries and misadventures! I’m so happy to announce the release of Calamity Jayne Mystery #8, THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING LAWN GNOME, available now!

What do you call a fly in a blonde’s brain?
A space invader.



Ace Cub Reporter Tressa Jayne Turner is back in Grandville and ready to enjoy the slower pace of with small town life and begin building a dating resume with one handsome ranger.

It’s Frontier Days at the Historical Village, but mischief’s afoot—of the malicious variety—when vandals target the area, stealing and damaging property and leaving behind spray-painted signatures in the form of hot pink tornadoes.

So what else besides a gang of local thugs threatens Knox County’s frontier festivities? Only a cross-dressing aunt bent on a reunion “gotcha,” two-relationships in crisis, three dates from hell, an eccentric local with an ET obsession, five burning questions for a man-o’-mystery, and a missing lawn gnome that makes Chucky seem benevolent by comparison.

It’s a countdown to a showdown where strange lights in the sky, “signs” on the trees, and horses of a different color are only the beginning of this close encounter of the Calamity Jayne kind. And Tressa Jayne? She’s ready to believe.

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  • Coming, July 27th, 2015– THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING LAWN GNOME, BOOK 8 in the Calamity Jayne Mystery series!
  • Coming summer, 2015–THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING LAWN GNOME, Book 8 in the Calamity Jayne Mystery series!
  • NEW RELEASE NEWS!!! Book Seven in the Calamity Jayne Mystery series, THE TROUBLE WITH TANDEMS, will be out July 21st!!! Yippee, skippy!
  • 03/29/2014 – Calamity Jayne’s Seventh mystery is done! As soon as I have a firm release date, I’ll let you know! It’s gonna be another doozy!
  • 12/4/2013 – SIX GEESE A’ SLAYING, a Calamity Jayne mini-mystery from Amazon’s new StoryFront is out today! Check out all 12 stories in the TWELVE KILLER DAYS OF FICTION collection!
  • 11/21/2013 – SIX GEESE A’ SLAYING coming December 4th! Can’t say more yet, but check back December 4th for details!
  • 9/21/2013 – Check out my exciting news above! And stay tuned for even more exciting news of an…er…”seasonal” nature. All I can say right now, is it’s gonna be a “Killer Christmas!” Hehe.
  • 3/21/2013 – Ran into a kerfuffle (or two) getting my next Calamity Caper ready for prime time. Hope to have updated release date soon. I’m also dipping my toes into western historical romance! More on that soon. Now, back to Calamity…
  • 2/8/2013 – It’s crunch time here. I’m edging ever closer to the finish line on my seventh Calamity Jayne Mystery. I’ve hit a few potholes along the way, but I’m pumped up for the final push to the end. Okay. I hear you. “Enough with the punnybike references, Bacus, and get back to the book! I’m going! I’m going!
  • 9/16/2012 – Fall is in the air and writing continues on several fronts. My next Calamity Caper is coming right along and I’m also putting the touches on a new women’s fiction/ police procedural I’m very excited about. I’m also trying to get all the website features up and running, so there’s lots to do before winter sets in and I want to hibernate. Stay tuned!
  • 8/18/2012 – Home from CA and back in the work–and writing–realm. I’m polishing and editing two manuscripts for submission, but I’m also hard at work on the next Calamity Jayne Mystery. I’ve given it a new title and hope to reveal the cover soon. Check back for updates!
  • 7/26/2012 – Author’s don’t have office parties… They have writer conferences! Currently living it up at the RWA conference in Anaheim, CA.